​We are a Local Owned and Operated Courier/Delivery Service and professional carrier in Jacksonville, FL. Our Goal is to provide our customer with the best service available by treating their business as if it was OURS.  We STRIVE to build a working  relationship with each of our customers and desire for them to see us as a Valuable Part of the their TEAM. 

We have a GREAT Team of Drivers!



The safety and well being of our customers, drivers and community is very important to us. We are following all the CDC and local guidelines for dealing with the Coronavirus COVID 19.  

Interested in joining our team contact us @ fledelivery@gmail.com or (904)646-7150

Jacksonville, FL, United States



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Alan, Kristen, Carl and Purvis Scarborough

Fast Lane Express Delivery Services

Fast Lane Express Delivery in Jacksonville

OUR Business is Handling YOUR Business with Professionalism & Care.

We offer on-line/ app delivery entry & on-line account tracking . Call (904) 646-7150 to get set up with your log-in today.

We offer on-line/ app delivery entry & on-line account tracking . Call (904) 646-7150 to get set up with your log-in today.

ABOUT Fast Lane Express Delivery

 For years we have dreamed of owning our own Business. We believed that Customer Service had fallen to the way side for many Businesses. We felt that with our combined years of experience in our trades that we could build a Strong Courier/ Delivery Service in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas. Kristen has worked in the  Courier, Freight and Logistics Business as an Operations Manager for over 15 years. Alan has worked in Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving for over 35 years. Kristen was ready to use her knowledge and work ethic to start a new Chapter in her life and to make their dreams a reality. Alan always being a supportive husband and team player was all in. So.... FLED was started. Kristen, Alan and Carl (Kristen and Alan's Son) have worked hard to build their business around outstanding customers.

We have truly been Blessed by Our TEAM of Drivers and Customers. We strive to have a Business that our TEAM can be proud of.
When we Deliver for you we Deliver on your behalf and Representing your Business.... So we want YOU to be proud of us too.

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